Dark Lip Neutralization

Unveil Your Natural Lip Shade

Do you struggle with dark or discolored lips that distract from your beautiful smile? Restore your lip's natural pink tone with a revolutionary cosmetic tattoo treatment – dark lip neutralization.

What is Dark Lip Neutralization?

Dark lip neutralization is an advanced cosmetic tattooing procedure that uses specialized pigments to counteract unwanted dark or discolored areas on the lips. This treatment implants pigment into the lip area to neutralize uneven tones and reveal a smooth, radiant natural lip color.

The Benefits of Dark Lip Neutralization:

  • Diminishes dark, hyperpigmented lips
  • Cancels out discoloration from smoking, medication, etc.
  • Unveils your lip's true, fresh shade
  • Long-lasting results (1-2 years before touchup)
  • A full, luscious lip without heavy makeup

The Neutralization Process

Your journey begins with a consultation to evaluate your current lip tone and discuss your desired results. A topical anesthetic ensures maximum comfort as the neutralizing pigment is carefully implanted into the entire lip area using a specialized hand tool.

After a 4-6 week follow up session to perfect the neutralization, you'll enjoy smooth, radiant, evenly-toned lips for 1-2 years before a touchup is needed.

It's time to stop concealing dark, discolored lips and unveil your natural pout! Book your dark lip neutralization treatment today for the confidence of beautiful, healthy-looking lips.