Lash Enhancement

Dramatic Definition, Daily Convenience

Get the look of luscious, perfectly-defined lashes without the daily hassle of mascara or eyeliner. Our lash enhancement permanent makeup treatment uses specialized cosmetic pigments and techniques to create the appearance of fuller, darker, and longer lashes. The procedure involves implanting pigment between individual lashes, creating a more dramatic lash line that enhances and frames the eyes.

Your Lash Enhancement Treatment

The treatment is performed by our experienced, licensed permanent makeup artists using sterile, disposable equipment. It involves little to no discomfort, with only a slight scratching sensation reported by most clients. The procedure typically takes 1.5 hour to complete, with a touchup session recommended 4-6 weeks later to ensure optimal, long-lasting results.

Lash enhancement permanent makeup is perfect for:

  • Adding definition and volume to sparse or light lashes
  • Achieving a more lifted, wide-eyed appearance
  • Saving time on daily makeup routines
  • Those with oily skin or an active lifestyle who struggle with smudging or fading mascara

The results can last 1-3 years before gradually fading, allowing you to maintain your desired lash look with minimal upkeep. Schedule a consultation today to learn more and determine if lash enhancement permanent makeup is right for you.