Deco Gloss

Medical Grade Peel

Deco Gloss is specially formulated to reverse years of skin damage in the sensitive chest are caused from sun and exposure. It is an ideal peel treatment designed for the sensitive and many times neglected areas of the chest. It includes a blend of natural exfoliators, including salicylic acid and enzymatically enhanced arbutin to improve rough texture and wrinkles on the chest area. This unique multifunctional formulation will leave the skin on your neck and chest feeling bright and smooth as it includes a complete skin revitalizing solution.

  • A multi-functional peel combining 25% Azeloyl trichloroacetamide, 13% Salicylic acid and 2% Retinol
  • A unique, anhydrous gel delivery system that limits acid ionization, resulting in less discomfort, minimal epidermal disruption and shortened down-time.
  • It is supplied as a kit which incorporates take home products that optimize a therapeutic outcome.